The Top 10 Luxury Car Activities in Dubai


Dubai welcomes all with open arms. There are rich experiences to be had here, especially if you have deep pockets to spend. There are many luxury experiences Dubai has exclusively that cannot be found anywhere else. Of course, there is a lot to do for different budgets as well, but the luxury activities here are at a whole new level. Let’s look at all the ultra-luxurious experiences Dubai has to offer.

Super Yacht CruisesSupercar Tours

Dubai is a city of Yachts. On the bay, you will find humongous yachts parked. Each one better than the next. Most of them are owned by businessmen and celebrities, but there are many cruise companies  like Dhow Cruise Dubai that also rent out luxury yachts and dhow cruise at reasonable prices. You can hire one, and have a great time. These cruises take you out into the sea, where you can fish, relax and have a great time. You are served delicious food and drinks, and can also host a small party. Who knows, you might like it so much that you decide to get a yacht yourself.

Dine at Burj Al Arab

Dine at Burj Al Arab

Considered to be the only 7-star hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab truly represents Dubai luxury. You can book a lovely dining experience in their restaurant. Complemented with a stunning view, you will be completely pampered. The food is of course, cooked by some of the biggest executive chefs in the world, so, it the whole experience will also be a gastronomic delight.

Supercar Tours

Supercar Tours

Dubai has the largest population of supercars. So, it’s only natural there will be supercar tours available. In a matter of 7 hours, you can try cars like Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes SLS, McLaren and more. Driving these supercars at superspeed will be one of your best experiences.

Gold Treatments at Spa

Gold Treatments at Spa

Treat yourself to some exclusive gold facial treatments at the finest spas in the city. Gold is an important aspect of Emirati culture, and also had medicinal values. So, take a day to yourself, and continue your Dubai luxury tour refreshed and rejuvenated.

Luxury Desert Tours

Luxury Desert Tours

When you have the cash, why not take the luxury desert safari Dubai.Every aspect of this desert safaris has been amped up to be luxurious – like the dune bashing – the normal ones are done in 4×4 SUVs, but in the luxury desert tour, you will be dune bashing in a Mercedes SUV. Similarly, at the desert camp, you will served with food in a personal luxury tent equipped with finery. This is a great way to enjoy the desert safari, and feel like a Bedouin King.

Play Golf

Play Golf in Dubai

Dubai is home to some world-class golf courses. Some are located in the desert locations, rising out like an oasis, and some of them are located by the sea, giving you a great backdrop for your game. So, if you love golf, consider playing golf in one of the golf courses, as it is an exclusive experience not many can afford.

Aerial Tour

The best way to see Dubai’s world famous skyline? Through a chartered plane tour. There many aerial tours of the city that let you see the might of the skyscrapers. These same tours also have a separate luxury tour for more discerning guests. You are seated in a comfortable plane, and treated to stunning views. The best view has to be of The Palms Islands.

Eat the World’s Most Expensive Ice Cream

On Jumeirah Road, lies an ice cream parlour that serves the world’s most expensive ice cream. It costs close to $820. So, why is it that expensive? All the ingredients used in the ice cream are imported from foreign countries. Saffron from Iran, Truffles from Italy and Madagascan vanilla are some of the items. It is served in a Versace dish with edible gold leaves. Now, that’s rich.

Get a Personal Shopper

Being a retail paradise, shopping in Dubai is a must. But if you have money, why not hire the services of a personal shopper. These shoppers will take you shopping in all the  luxury places in Dubai. From exclusive designer boutiques, to brand stores in mega malls, they will ensure you get the best retail therapy.

World’s Costliest Horse Race

Dubai gets to host the horse racing world cup, and there are many expensive ways to enjoy. You can book a pavilion tent at the course, or catch the race from the deck of a yacht parked in the Dubai Marina, or get a presidential suite at the Meydan Hotel from where the race is visible. The choice is yours!

Alone At the Top

‘At the Top’ is one of the exclusive places in Dubai. It is the viewing deck on BurjKhalifa, and for a handsome fee, you can book the whole deck to yourself for a period of time, and enjoy the stunning view, along with your loved ones.

So, what is the best experience in Dubai? With so many choices, you’ll have to do those all and decide, right?

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