Solar windows and their benefits


We have made many inventions in technology. But solar technology is greater in use and beneficial. Scientists made many such things which absorb solar energy and use it for human’s benefits. Solar panels and as well as solar roofs are examples of such inventions. So they made a new invention of Solar Windows which is most useful in human life. It is changing human life rapidly. So here we will discuss invention, benefits and as well as future of these windows.

Invention of solar windows:

This is the great invention of Photo voltaic technology which was born in 1954 in US State. Calvin Fuller and Gerald Pearson developed a Photo voltaic silicon chip in 1955. Frank Bridger’s designed his office operating solar energy. It was first use of solar energy in the history. On August 7, 1958 a satellite was launched having 9600 solar cells as wings. In 1962 NASA Research Center made an efficient solar cell having more ability to produce energy. These technologies had struggled hard in 1998. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, (NREL) was working on this project of solar windows. So the company designed it to produce electricity for human benefits. They made many experiments on the glass. So the solar window became opaque and darker in powerful sunlight. These windows produce 11.5% electricity.

These kind of windows are using now 80% in USA for commercial use and 20% for houses. These kind of windows are especially keeping use in large size buildings. Those buildings get electricity from these kind of windows. These windows capture energy in form of light from sun and generate electricity. It is made of glass adding to focal fuels.

Benefits of solar windows:

These electricity generator windows have lot of benefits for us. So here we will discuss some major benefits of these windows. These windows can generate 11.5% electricity. These are better than solar panels. These windows became dark in power sunlight. So these windows did not let in ultraviolet rays in the buildings. These windows can run 50 stories of a building easily. It reduces electricity bills. If you generate more energy excess of your use then you can get surplus from this. These are less costly than solar panels.

These windows have long time warranty which is round about 20-25 years. These windows increase the beauty of buildings. These are found in different shapes now a days. So now one can purchase it in different structures as he wants. So it is beneficial to use these windows than other windows which did not generate electricity. These windows may large and small in size depending upon your demand. These windows did not create disturbance in environment. So these are environmentally friendly.

Solar windows and their benefits

Kind of solar window:

Passive windows:

Passive window is a kind of solar window. These windows have made in a different technology but related to Photo voltaic. These windows let in air and as well as sunlight in the houses rarely.  So these windows work as heat absorbed in winter season. These windows release heat in summer season out of the homes. These are fixed in landscape shape in the walls. These windows also became darker in power sunlight. These windows produce less energy than solar window.

Making changes in human life:

Solar window is making popular in this century. This is a biggest invention of 21st century in the field of solar energy sources. This kind of solar energy is changing human life. This is considered as a future. It is keeping in use vastly in large size buildings. These windows are generating large amount of electricity for these buildings. These windows are heading a biggest source of electricity now a days and in the future.

Cost of a solar window:

Solar window is rating in many countries in different prices. So here we will show a cost price of solar window in different countries: Its rate is:

$12.3 square feet in US States.

$13.5 square feet in Canada.

$16.7 square feet in China.

$10.4 square feet in Japan.

$15.8 square feet in Arabian cities.

Results of solar window:

Solar window has brilliant results in energy producing field. These are most beneficial for human life in future. So we will define in full detail in our next article. So keep connection with us.

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