Snake fish and their different kinds of species


We have described some basic information in our first article. We described their characteristics, kinds, dishes and taste, illegal smuggling etc. So, now we will define their different species in the world in different countries. We will discuss their habitats, food as well as about their predatory characteristics etc in this article. There are 31 different species of snake fish in this world. Some major kinds of species of snake fish are below:

1. Giant snakeheads(Channa micropeltes):

Giant snakeheads is a major kind of biggest snakeheads. It is known with different names such as Redline snake fish or Thoman. It may be of grey, dark black or silver color. It is round about 30 kilogram in weight and as biggest as a shark in size. It eats fish, birds and worms. So it lives in fresh water like rivers and oceans. There are some cases about the attacking of snakeheads on humans especially of giant snakeheads. They live in Africa and American states. Some biggest snakeheads are caught in Thailand, America, China and Florida. So, the host of River Monster of National Geographic Channel caught a biggest snakehead. So it has been recorded in World record.

2. Blotched snakeheads:

Blotched snake fish is a fish of giant size snakeheads. There is not confermation about its size but some say that it may reach a far in size. It is also called Channa Maculata. It is a native snake fish of Southern China and Northern Vietnam asd did not found in other countries. So It sales to other countries where it is invasive. It eats water fowls, small insects, frogs and other small fish of water. It may found in dark black, dark blue or stripped colors. It has dark spots on its upper side of body.

3. Dwarf snake fish(Channa ghachua):

Dwarf snake fish is also a major type of snakeheads. It is small in size than other snakeheads. So they are not dangerous to human because of their size. It lives in the rivers and fresh water ponds of Iraq, Bengal, Taiwan and Pakistan. It may exist in different colors or in multi colors. It is the smallest fish of snakeheads family. It is 30 or may 60 cm in size. It eats small insects, fish and small aquatics. This kind of snake fish lives in groups and colonies.

I. Channa Bankanensis:

Channa Bankanensis is a snake fish of medium sized snakeheads family. It is pretty in looking because of its changing color ability. It became bright and shiny to attract its species or to male specie and became dull in color to protect itself from predatory snake fish. Its skin looks like a jelly. It may be 30-40 cm in size.

II. Channa Diplograma:

It is a specie of large size snake fish family. It is round about 45cm in size. It does not grow more as other snake fish kinds. It eats small insects, frogs and other small reptiles. It is a native snakeheads of small part of India. It did not found anywhere except India. So sends to other countries for sale.

III. Channa striata:

Channa striata is also known as stripped snake fish and Murrel snakeheads. It is a meter in length. It eats frogs, small fish, insects and plankton. The female lay dark brown eggs and protect them until they turn into greenish color. Male and female both build nest in a specific side of water. They both protect their eggs so that’s why they eat anything moving around them at the time of breeding. They survive in the mud in cold water pressure.

4. Channa Marulius:

Channa marulius is also a kind of large fish of snakeheads family but small than giant snake fish. It is also known as Bullseye snakeheads and Great snakeheads. It is native to South Asia and Southern China. It lives in India, Pakistan, Bengal and United States. It eats small insects, fish, mammals and fowl birds. This kind of snake fish can mate 2 or 5 times in a year so the female can lay 1500 eggs at once. So It can double its population in most fresh water. It may be 50 or 80 cm in size. So it became adult and so able to mate in 2 or 3 years.

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