Snake Eel; a Snake shaped Fish


I have already talk about some different creations in my articles. Today i am going to tell you about one more interesting creation. So this kind of beautiful creation is called Snake Eel; a snake shaped fish. As it is cleared by its name, this kind of fish is totally similar to Snakes. Some people considered it just a snake. But this is not true. This is fish of Ophichthidae family which is known as Snake Eel. This kind of fish is also known as a Marine Fish. Here i will discuss some information with you about this fish. I will discuss its characteristics, kinds and other interesting information.

Basic information about Snake Eel:

Snake Eels live in fresh water such as rivers, ponds and even in oceans. These kind of fish have very smooth body than the snakes. They have colored spots on their body. These kind of fish crawls just like a snake too. Some kinds of Eels have the ability to hide their body in the mud. They wait and attack on a passing by a fish or insects. Some Eels have muddy color which help them to hide their body easily. This also helps them to prey easily.

Eels have small fins than other fish. It also has gills and survive in the water. It could not survive on the land like snakes and snake fish. It has long beak mouth, which helps them to catch the prey easily. It also has hundreds of sharp teeth, which have hard grip on the prey. Some Eels have long beak just like a Dolphin. These fish may be of 5 feet to 7.5 feet long. Some Eels can hide them round about 2500 feet in depth into the land.

Kinds of Snake Eel:

Here i will tell you some different kinds of Snake Eels. These kinds are of different size, shape, color and characters. Eels have 20 families, 111 genres and 800 species. So have a look below.

1. Crocodile Snake Eels:

Crocodile Eels are huge in size as cleared by their name. These have not ability to hide in the mud. So these kind of Eels lay on the mud pretending like dead. They have a color similar to the mud. So they can easily be fool the noble fishes. Then they attack on a fish passing by them. These do not have spots on their body. But they have dark muddy colored lines on them. This kind of Eel even can eat a big fish.

2. Spotted Snake Eels:

These kind of Eels have many spots on their skin. These have the ability to hide in the mud. They hide their whole body in the mud except their mouth. They pretend their mouth as a rock or bubbles. They can wait for a prey till for 2 hours too. But once a small fish make a mistake to pass near these fish. These fish attack on the small fish without losing a minute. These kind of Eels may be of golden or black color having the spots of dark colors on them.

3. Moray Snake Eels:

Moray snake eels are giant size snake eels. These have large body enough to eat a shark. These are of dark shiny colors.This may be of black, red or brown shiny color. Some moray snake eels are caught of attacking on the humans. These hide them under the big rocks and attack the big fishes. This is the biggest kind of snake eels. This is listed in the river monsters.

4. Giant Mottled Snake Eels:

This is also a giant size eel but small than the moray eel. This also has no ability to hide in the mud. This kind of eel hide in the rocks and big size stones. They attack on big fishes and small fishes too. This is of light colors of red, blue and golden. Some looks like jelly fish color in the mud. They eat reptiles and snakes too.

5. Colonial Snake Eels:

These kind of eels live together in the colonies. They looks like plankton in shape together. So they attack on the insects and hide in the mud. These are small in size are grey in color.

So that is the information, which i have shared to you on this topic. I have more information about this. But i will explain it in my next article. So keep connect with me for such an interesting information.

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