Sensing City: An Amazing Future


Sensing city is some collection of projects. So the companies are working for better environment with use of technology. As we know that the man is suffering from many problems which he created himself. He made factories to create facilities. But now he is in danger due to these facilities. So these factories created air pollution, water pollution and as well as other problems for men. So now he is using many kind of technologies to solve these problems. So he is using technologies to remove air pollution, water pollution and other problems. Some companies did some work collectively and named it Sensing City.

Benefits of sensing city:

Sensing city is giving us a lot of benefits. So here we will discuss some major benefits of this city. It is providing us:

  1. An environment full of joys.
  2. Cool air clean of pollution.
  3. Smart traffic controls.
  4. Clean and as well as healthy water.
  5. Smart car and bus parking.
  6. Prevention from accidents.

ITS Project in Korea:

ITS called Intelligent Transportation System. It is a project for the road safety. This project was start in 1993. It developed Pilot project in 1998. It got growth and as well as extension in 1999. So it reduced 20% traffic jams with 1% expenses of road construction. It has many projects included in it. So we will discuss below:

BIS (Bus Information System):

This is a service for buses. The location, distance between buses and other vehicles is controlled with satellite. The passenger knows the accurate time of bus arrival due to this service. This service saves buses from accidents.

AFC (Automatic Fare Collection):

This service is for the collection of fares. A card is issued to the passenger. The passenger put it on the entrance and fare is deduced. It tells about the fares of Taxies, buses, railways and other vehicles. Everyone can reload card from center hall or online.

PIS (Parking Information System):

This is a service for parking. It controls the speed of cars in parking areas. If a parking area is full, the message is sent to service center. The service center sends information and location of nearby parking site to the cars.

City of Polo Alto:

This project is working well in USA States. This is made for human benefits. There is a control center in the city which develop some products for this purpose. So the service center is called Polo Alto Hall. This company has produced many technology updates for this purpose. So we will discuss here some technologies:

1. Clean air project:

This was a project to clean air from dirty gases. So a sensor machine has produced for this which was attached with trees in every street. This machine was small in size and looks like a paper. If this machine feels even a small amount of pollution in air, it starts working. It absorbs co2 and other harmful gases from the air. So because of that people breathe easily in cool environment.

2. Road Safety Project:

This is a project for road safety. Some small sensors are fixed in the roads. These sensors start working if a vehicle run speedily on the road. So these sensors send number of car and ID of driver to city hall. So they remote the car slow and deduce charge from driver’s account. They keep a view on the vehicles.

3.Fresh Water Project:

Water is available in very low quantity on the land. So dirty water is in large amount in the land because of factories. So this is a project for availability of fresh water. They introduced some gadgets to clean dirty water. So these gadgets absorb harmful gases from dirty water and make water fresh as well. They also make gadgets to judge freshness of water. One can measure ph and as well as freshness of water.

4. Safe Parking Project:

This is a project for the parking. An urban city has less area for parking. So some places have built under the ground for parking. So they built some towers to acknowledge the people about parking. If a parking area became full, it tells to driver about the other parking area to park the car.

These projects have shared with some other civilized countries. They prefer to these projects. So now the countries which are working on these projects are:

  1. Azerbijan
  2. Japan
  3. Europe
  4. Chine
  5. Arab amirates

We will discuss briefly about this technology as well in our next article.So keep connect with us.



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