Portable Chargers about Modern Charging Tech


There are many electronics that we use each day of our lives. If you really think about most of the tech that we do use on a daily basis is portable. Portable chargers are great innovations that many companies have done, with creating tech solutions. Which can practically go with us anywhere and yet, they have such powerful abilities. It goes further than just our smartphones, and instead, laptops are something that many people take along with them while they’re on-the-go. Also, we have smartwatches such as the Apple Watch which is gaining popularity very quickly.

Speaking of the Apple Watch, the new one was actually one of the best selling products during the Holiday season of 2017. The reason for that is because the Apple Watch is becoming more of a stand-alone product that doesn’t really need a smartphone for it to be fully functional.

With this whole portable generation reaching its peak and continuous growth, one thing that stays quite prevalent with it all is that they all require recharging. Charging has come quite a lot way over the years, that’s what I want to explain within this article. What types of charging electronics that we have available to us today, and what types of innovation have charging technologies gotten to make charging our devices less of a hassle.

The Many Types of Charging Technologies

Depending on what charging electronics you use or know that exist, your everyday life can actually be quite different. That might sound ridiculous but at the same time, with different charging technologies providing different methods of charging, you’re ultimately able to get a more convenient experience with one over the other.

Wall Chargers

USB wall chargers are the main type of tech which most of us know and love. The reason for that is because most new smartphones, tablets and other portable devices that charge via USB come with a USB wall charger. So we end up using them most of the time for our charging needs. Overall, it makes sense to use wall chargers a lot too as they’re basically the basis of charging in the first place.

A wall charger is able to recharge portable chargers. They also provide power to wireless chargers so that they can actually wireless charge your smartphone. These types of charging electronics are also the first ones to use special charging tech. Because they’re in a very stable environment when connected to an AC Outlet.

Also, with wall chargers, you get to have lots of USB charging ports and you end up with USB charging stations that have a bunch of ports that can charge many devices at once. So you get to have a hub charging place for your friends and family.

Portable Chargers

Perhaps the major hitter when it comes to charging, in general, are portable chargers. Portable chargers have grown on the market very quickly in the past few years. The main reason for that is right in their name. These chargers are able to go with us anywhere. Because they have batteries that are built into the charger itself. As a result, you no longer have to rely on a wall charger to always charge your portable devices. Of course, you do have to use a wall charger when it comes time to recharge a power bank.

Also, the best part about portable chargers is that there are many variants of them. You have power banks that are large because they have a lot of power, and then there are ones that are small and slim because they have low power but very good portability. Portable chargers also enable us to take special charging tech with us while we’re on the move. That would include Quick Charge and Power Delivery.

Car Chargers

The final type of charging tech that I wanted to mention was car chargers. We live in a time where many of us drive. Of course, we shouldn’t use our smartphone for texting people. But sometimes we do use our phones to use power intensive apps such as Google Maps for navigation. That can use a lot of power. Having your phone shut down while you’re using these apps can be very frustrating.

Or if you have a low battery once you enter your car, and need it charged up by the time you reach your destination. Then a car charger is one of the best solutions for charging. Car chargers are basically wall chargers for placing in your car and the best part about modern car chargers is that they’re actually quite powerful as most of them now use Quick Charge and Power Delivery to charge certain devices at their max charging speed.

Powerful Charging Tech with Many Devices

The final part about charging that I wanted to mention is the charging tech. That had created with many charging electronics and the devices that are actually compatible with the tech.

Quick Charge

Many Android devices use what called Quick Charge. Quick Charge is from a tech company which called Qualcomm. This produces Snapdragon processors which have used with a lot of Android smartphones and as a result, many of these phones use Quick Charge which is able to charge certain compatible devices faster.

The use of a Quick Charge charger is able to increase Voltage. Therefore the Amperage level that you receive is able to stay stable and ultimately lead to faster charging. However, Quick Charge isn’t the only major fast charging tech, as the other one is called Power Delivery.


Power Delivery tech is a universal type of charging technology. That’s most likely going to be implemented with a wider range of portable devices in the future. That’s because PD goes along with USB-C which is already growing at a rapid rate. What Power Delivery is, is that it’s a powerful charging technology that’s able to output power up to 100W for charging purposes.

There are a few devices that use Power Delivery. But perhaps the most notable is the MacBook, as Apple made quite a big statement of just adding a single USB-C port with their newer MacBooks models. Smartphones such as the Google Pixel and the Essential Phone also use Power Delivery. The use of USB-C and Power Delivery is moving in a direction where a universal charging method will be used for nearly all devices on the market. As a result, you’re going to be able to use the same charging cable. Wall charger that you use to charge your laptop, also being able to use it with your smartphone.

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