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Network Q is a network for the sale and purchase of used vehicles. It was established in UK in 1990. It is a biggest network of communication for people. The people make calls to the company to sale and purchase their vehicles. It is a best policy to buy a used vehicle. So any person can purchase any kind of vehicle from Network Q. There are thousands of cars and as well as vans in the parking area of this company. So you may purchase racing cars, new model cars and as well as many other famous model cars from here.

This service is working still 27 years in UK. It is a famous website on internet. There are 2600 workers in this network. Modern machines have used to analyse faults in cars. It works like OLX but give better services than OLX Website.

Services of Network Q:

This network is giving so much services to its customers. So we will define some major services of this company to its customers. These services are not found in all over the world.

1. One year warranty:

This network is giving 1 year warranty to its customers. If you buy a used car from this company then you are allowed 1 year warranty on your purchase. If you purchase a used car from any person then this service is not allowed to you. So this is a big service for the customer.

2. One year roadside assistance:

Every Network Q vehicle comes with 1 year of Roadside Assistance. it includes Roadside Rescue, Recovery Rescue, At Home Rescue, Onward Travel and Tyre-related incidents.

3. Free Accident Management:

If your car got an accident then this service helps you. They call tour insurer, contact an approved repairer and contact to rescue, organize a courtesy car and return your car after repairing.

4. Free to Go Insurance:

This service did not provide you from any company on car buying. But this network provides you this kind of service. You are provided 5 days insurance on the day of car buying. You car take insurance within 5 days in any kind of accident.

5. 30 Day Exchange Pledge:

This network believes in their cars. But if your car develop any kind of fault, then you are provided this service. They did not give you a repaired car. They will exchange a car on same value with your choice. This is a big service of this network.

6. Service club Membership:

All Network Q customers can sign up for Vehicle Service Club, which offers discounts on servicing and repairs and 50% off MOTs.

Benefits of this network:

We have described many services of this network above. Now we will define their benefits briefly.

  1. This is a global network and famous service of the world.
  2. This is vehicles service station of every kind of vehicles.
  3. This provides lot of jobs to 2600 people.
  4. This provides many services that is not found in any service station of the world.
  5. This is a network which satisfies its customers that they are not wasting their cash.

Some new projects of this network:

This network is making some new projects by increasing its services to increase customers. Here we will discuss some new projects if this network:

  1. Marketing specialist at Vehicles.
  2. Personal contract purchase.

There are some more new projects for customer benefits:

Return of vehicle:

A customer may return his car at the end of agreement. He can also renew his car if he wants. So every customer may get benefits from this service which is approved for customer’s benefit.

Fund of car:

Every customer may fund his car than transitional funds. This fund is for a shorter period. But it benefits for a long period of time. So it make you able to change it often. This service is only available on this service station.

Optional final payment:

This is also a fund to protect the price of your car. The price falls after the usage of cars. So this service protects of your car price from falling. So your car will remain that price on which price your had purchased this car. You can get benefit from this service of this network.

This network is of brief information. So we will discuss in more details about this network in our next article. So keep connect with us.


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