Healthy Dinner Ideas and cooking recipes


Cooking is an old passion of the world. Good and healthy cooking ideas bring good and healthy life. Good health is based on good dinner. Light dinner leads a man to the health. It is said that health may good or bad due to good or bad dinner. Heavy dinner creates many health problems for a man. We will now talk about some healthy dinner ideas and cooking recipes. We will tell you that how a healthy dinner makes health better.

Some basic healthy dinner ideas and cooking recipes:

Here we will discuss some basic healthy dinner ideas and cooking recipes. These ideas may help you in leading healthy life. So some ideas are below to learn about some cooking recipes for healthy body.

1. Sweet Potato and Chicken Traybake:

This is a healthy family dinner. Sweet potatoes, Chicken and Onion used in this dish. First of all onion is fried in th olive oil till it got brownish color. Then sweet potatoes boiled in another dish for 15 minutes. Then chicken poured in brownish colored onion. Then it let to keep cooking for 30 minutes. At the end, sweet potatoes poured in this fried dish. Now you can serve it in a tray. This is a healthy dish that makes Vitamin growth in your body.

2. Classic Diner Meat Loaf:

This is also a healthy cooking recipe. This dish is made of meat and flour. First of all the meat is ground with the grinder machine. Then it is mixes with some quantity of flour. It is mashed with flour with olive oil. Some yolks of eggs are also mashed with it to make it mix. After that, it is baked on broiler or in the oven. When it is baked, then at last it makes covered with tomato ketchup. Now you may serve it to your family. This is healthy dish because it increases Proteins in your body.

3. Roast Chicken and Sweet Potatoes:

This dish is likely similar to above first dish. First we cut onions in a thin moon shape. Then it boiled in some water for 10 minutes. The beef cut in cube size shape and fry in a pan with some cheese. Then sweet potatoes fried in another pan for 20 minutes on light flame. At the last all these things mix in a pot and again fried for 10 minutes in another pan. At last it served with the spinach leaves and boiled beans. This is a healthy dish for your bones and stomach. It increases protein level and calcium level in your body.

4. Spicy Chicken and Vegetable Noodles:

This is a Chinese dish, which is almost famous in all the countries. This is also easy to cook at night or at any time. First you boil the noodles on light flame in a pot. Then boil some vegetables in another pot for 30 minutes. Carrots, Beans and Capsicum are suitable for this dish. But you can boil other vegetables, that is at your own. After that, fry some triangle shape chicken in a pan on light flame. At the last, mix all of that things in a bowl to serve. You can make it more appetite by decorating it with some flower shape tomatoes and peas. You can serve it to your children too. It is healthier and as well as easier dish to make.

5. Breaded Fish with Chunky Chips:

This has considered as a winter season dish. But you can eat it at any season by adding some cold drinks. Here i am telling you way to make that delicious dish. First make some spices by adding Salt, Garlic and Ginger. Then mash these spices to the fresh fish. After that, put the fish the your refrigerator . After 30 minutes pour out this fish from refrigerator. Fry this spicy fish in a pan with some olive oil. Cook some chunky chips in another pot. You can serve this with tomato sauce.  Now your dish is ready to serve. You can serve this fish with some cold drinks.

We have discussed some healthy dinner ideas and cooking recipes above. We also have more dishes according to age and season. You may learn to make more delicious dishes by connecting to our website.

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