Health improvement Personal (Health Triangle)


Personal health relates to the condition of body and mind of a person. Beside the absence of disease it also focuses on the complete social well-being. Health improvement includes mental, social and physical well-being. So for making you at your best all of the three should be equally incorporated. There are thousands of ways but we will define some authentic ways for your health improvement.

Types of Health improvement

1)- Physical health

Physical health represents your body state. In health improvement it is the most visible and apparent one. Absence of any disease or illness and high fitness level demonstrate good physical health. Necessary components for maintaining physical health are the, healthier food choices (well-balanced diet), as well as exercise on daily basis and rest. Avoidance of the mood altering substances (alcohol and drugs) is also a necessary component for ideal physical health.

2)- Mental health

The other side of health improvement deals with your way of thinking, feeling and as well as handling the situations.  So self-esteem and negative outlook could lead to mental illness. Healthier mental state makes you to look forward to goals optimistically and to feel happy. Poor mental health has bad effect on physical health also. So depression, anxiety and stress lead to increase chances of death from heart attack and cancer, mostly the emotional distress lead to twigging of auto-immune diseases. Physical health problems also impact psychological well being. So it is highly recommended for health care professionals to take both together and they should not overlook one while treating other.

Unhealthy environmental circumstances along-with unfavorable social and economic conditions (financial pressure) mostly lead to higher risk of gaining mental health problems. At personal level one should practice several approaches (Meditation and Relaxation Techniques) which help in managing your thoughts and emotions (emotional well being) and as well as change your way to experience the things.

Social health

It makes third side of triangle. It relates to your relationships. Socially healthy state enables you to interact with other people, make friends and enjoy working. To be socially healthy, you should give a sense of acceptance to others and should join outings, trips and conversations.

Your better interpersonal relationships with others provide you many benefits and make you a happier person. It includes your healthy relationships of you with your family, spouses, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. So this all depends on your strong communication skills, self management, accountability, devotion and empathy for one another.

Over-all health can be improved by

  • Healthful eating habits (taking more vegetables and fruits but reducing red meat)
  • Strong social relationships
  • Promoting recreational environment
  • Adaptations and stress level management
  • Self-management (core component of your health)
  • Exercise
  • Enough sleep
  • Participating in social activities and volunteering
  • Limiting use of alcohol
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Making your personal health profile and checking it in a week or at least once in a month

Way to reduce the chances of a disease

A person could take integrative care to minimize a chronic condition. Chances of getting a particular disease (risk factors) may control to certain extent by observing;

  • Eating habits
  • Duration of physical activity
  • Use of illegal drugs
  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Use of safety measures

In this way quality time can be gained by reducing the risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis (increased risk of bone fracture by progressive decrease in bone mass or density). We should change our behavior and adapt good habits to minimize stress with doing such things.

  • Start eating healthy diet by making smart choices from each food group (Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Beans, Meat, Fats and Salts etc.)
  • Stop smoking
  • Enhance physical activity

Infections and illness can be prevented by

  • Personal hygiene practices
  • Bathing and washing your teeth before sleeping
  • Preparing your food safely


Overall to enjoy the life at its fullest you should develop confidence on your overall personality. So love what you are, with all your plus points (abilities) and negativities (weaknesses). Identify your interests and explore what makes you happy. Learn to deal with your emotions, work on them and then channel them safely and constructively. Build your skills to create a handsome budget, because it’s really very necessary as financial problems are the major cause of stress now a days. So your handsome budget would enable you make healthier choices about your living standards and you would be able to enjoy stress free life with your friends and family.

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