Everything You Need to Know about Leaf Blowers


Although most of us think that leaf blower is one seasonal equipment, it is handy for the year round. It saves invaluable time of us. So, you need to know everything about a leaf blower before you go to buy one. It includes varieties of products, functionality, portability and different measurement standards that need to be looked at.

You need to consider speed, convenience, affordability and size of your backyard to fix what exact type of leaf blower you need to buy. Depending on the size of the leaf blowers there are mainly two types-

  • Handheld: You can easily carry it with your hand. Most of the handheld leaf blowers weigh less than 10 pounds and so is very easy to manoeuvre.
  • Backpack: It weighs between 15 to 18 pound and is easy to carry on your back. Its only drawback is that it might emit a lot of noise causing disturbance for your neighbours.
  • Wheeled: It weighs almost 100 pound and is built for professional and industrial purposes. So, unless you have a large yard, you would better avoid it.

Again, there are different types of leaf blowers according to their use of powers. As the source of power directly influence the workload so it is very significant. The different sources of power are-

  1. Battery- It uses several batteries as the source of power. Nowadays it is popular for its easy maintenance. It is known as cordless electric leaf blower. But it limits the operation time due to its use of battery.
  2. Electric-It uses electricity. It is connected with the power source with a wire. It does not exhaust any harmful fumes as it is operated by electricity. It is very handy for home purposes.
  3. Gas driven- It is run by gas. It is certainly one of the most preferred handheld leaf blowers due to its working ability.

Moreover, you need to consider two very important things along with the size and source of the power. This are-

  • CFM: It stands for cubic feet per minute. It indicates how much air is going to come out through the nozzle when you turn on the unit.
  • MPH: It stands for miles per hour and indicated the speed at which the air comes out.

Although MPH is important, you need to focus on CFM as higher CFM means larger coverage of area. Most cordless leaf blower range around 120 CFM and 110-185 MPH and is perfect for home-yard cleaning. Remember that higher CFM means better performance.

You need to focus on the amount of noise created by the leaf blowers as causing much noise might disturb your neighbors. Handheld leaf blowers make a large amount of noise. Surprisingly gas-powered leaf blowers make the least of noise. So, it is important for you to balance between noise and efficiency to get a satisfying result.

You also need to be careful while operating leaf blowers. You must wear hearing protection and safety goggles while operating.

Since leaf blowers are handy all the year round, so I would like to advise you to go through all these details before you decide to buy one. I recommend you to consider all these for your satisfaction about the performance of the leaf blower.

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