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Celebrity are the attractive persons of any place. So people like them a lot. They may be of filmy characters and also singers. Every one want to aware of their life events. Everyone want to know about celebrity’s daily routine too. So every newspaper, even every website has news about celebrities. So we will report you celebrity news today. So you will enjoy so much.These celebrities are much popular in the world.

Popular celebrity news today:

We will discuss here the popular celebrity news today. We hope you will enjoy it so much.

1. Justin and Hailey Baldwin got married:

This news is about the pop star Justin Bieber and the super model Hailey Baldwin’s marriage. This news had leaked in air that they are in relationship. So now it is clear that they are married surely. They uploaded their London pics on instagram. They married secarately. Hailey’s uncle uploaded this in message on Instagram.

2. Liam Payne break up to Cairo Dwek:

Liam Payne is a pop singer. He was a member of One Direction before. Liam Payne updated his message on Instagram that he is single. He was involved in relationship with model Cairo Dwek for two months. So Cairo Dwek agreed with him and making a new relation. Liam wants to enjoy bachelor life more.

3. Zayn Malik get back together with Gigi Hadid:

Pop singer Zayn Malik and super model Gigi Hadid get back together with each other. They had break up their relationship in May 2017. This is a busy couple of showbiz industry. They love each other so much. They had break up to take time to do things right. This is a beautiful couple accepted by their parents too.

4. Niall Horann’s new album: 

Niall Horann released his new album. He belonged to One Direction before. So now he sings separately as others. He has his new album too, named “Slow Hands”. He was cool singer of One Direction. He is an innocent pop singer too.

5. Louis Tomilson is going to be Dad:

One Direction’s Louis Tomilson is very happy to go to be Dad. Louis had close relation with Briana Jungwirth. They had met to each other in July 2016. They get close enough that now they are getting a pleasure. Louis said that he is so excited. Briana will prove her a good mother. He also said that he is going to be a younger father. Congrates to Louis on this happy news!

6. Harry’s new hair style:

One Direction’s Harry Styles have a new hair style. He is also a pop singer. He named his hair style “Hell style”. He grown hair long enough on his shoulders. He is now appearing in English movies. He was an attracting personality of One Direction. He had a close relation with Taylor Swift.

7. Selena Gomez’s song with Zayn Malik:

Selena Gomez released a song with Zayn Malik. Selena is a singer and ex girlfriend of pop star Justin Bieber. She had break up with Justin in 2012. She is now interested in Zayn Malik. She is gorgeous and good looking singer. She has released song “Drunk” with Zayn.

8. Liam Payne’s album:

Liam Payne is a pop star. He was a member of One Direction too. He has charming voice too. He sings separately as others. So he is releasing his new album named “For You” with Rita Ora. So this is a very liking album in the world. This video has millions of viewers. Liam has a son too named Bare.

9. Shawn Mendes got Anxiety:

Shawn Mendes is a young singer. So he is most famous in young generation. He told in a news about his health. He told that he is being ill now a days. So he feels anxiety in his body. He is taking rest and as well as taking medicines regularly. He is rarely attending parties too. So he want to recover soon as well.

10. Daniel Radcliff’s new movies:

Daniel Radcliff is a young actor. He was first filmed in Harry Potter. He is now making new movies. His movies are releasing in this year. These movies are may horror or may fighter. Swim Army Man and Horns are his movies which are close to release.

We have discussed more about celebrity news today. We will tell you more about this in our next article. So keep connect with us.

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