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Celebrity is a personality to whom everyone likes. We will tell you celebrity breaking news today. We will tell you about famous personalities. This is to inform you about latest shocking news. We hope that you will enjoy this.

Some famous celebrity breaking news:

There are some famous celebrity breaking news below:

1. Zayn Malik’s new album:

One Direction’s ex-member Zayn Malik announced that he is releasing his new album with in a month. Zayn is a pop singer. He left One Direction in 2012. So he named his album “Z 2”. He had released his first album 5 months before. So he hoped to be famous his album. He told about his coming album on Instagram. His fans are waiting for his new album.

2. Ariana song with Nicki minaj:

Ariana Grande released a song with Nicki Minaj too. Both of two are English singers. So Ariana has first time song with a lady singer. So they sung a song named :Side to Side”. This is most hearing song on Youtube too. So this song has 5 million views on Youtube.

3. Sulman Khan sister’s engagement:

This is a shocking news on website. That the sister of Sulman Khan is engaged with a singer. This ceremony is held in Mumbai. Fans want to hear the news of Sulman’s wedding. So they asked many questions about his wedding. But he ignored them forbade them of this question. So  Sulman also warned not to take interest in any lady to his sister’s fiancee.

4. Justin Bieber arrested for drag racing:

Pop English singer Justin Bieber arrested for drag racing in Miami. He was driving rubbish. So some viewers are hurted in the croud. So they are furious of this carelessness of Justin. He is bailed now with warning too. This is a spreading news on Instagram.

5. Michel Jackson’s memorial is celebrating:

Michel Jackson’s memorial celebration is held in many countries. All famous artists are invited in this celebration. People admired MJ for his abilities. Ex- president Obama also admired for this. He commented to Michel Jackson that he was all in one. Michel Jackson was an English singer and a well dancer too. He died in 1 July 2009.

6. Lady Gaga adopted two kids:

Lady Gaga is a lady singer. She visited many orphanages. she has adopted many orphan child. But now she adopted two orphan children from India. People arose many questions about this act. She said that she has her personal life. Nobody should interfere her personal matters.

7. Little Mix’s new album:

Little Mix is a group band of four girls. This band was formed in 2011. They won many series of awards for music.  They have their new album releasing with in two months. They told this news on their Instagram. The fans are so exited about this album. They hope to hit about their album.

8. Caroline Flake gave a job to her girlfriend:

Caroline Flake is a businessman in America. So he had some issues in his relation with his girlfriend Andrew Brady. So he took a good decision to save his relation. People are making much interfere in their social and as well as in personal life. So he gave a job to his girlfriend in his business. He took a good decision and save his relation.

9. Death threats to Megan Barten:

Megan Barten is an English model. She has received many death threats this month on her profile. She joined a group Love Island on her profile. On this page lovers met with each other. So she call some comments against any member of this group. From that day she is receiving death threats on her page too. She consulted to police about these threats. They asured her for her safety. She has blocked her profile now.

10. Chico Silmani rushed to hospital:

Ex factor star Chico Silmani is rushed to hospital. Because he had a huge stroke in these days. So he took medicines in time . But it did not work. His family is so upset about his health. So he is now admitted in a hospital . He is in high class doctor’s care. He is now recovering well.

We have much information about Celebrity breaking news. But we will discuss all this in our next article. So keep connect with us.


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