Latest Technology Updates Amazing and Attracting


Machines are making easier our lives. As it is the miracle of sciences that helps us to make amazing things for our use. As more as the human population is increasing, the demand of new things is also increasing as well. So new things are making people’s life more joyful. There are millions of new technologies. So here we will discuss 10 more  latest technology updates which are very useful in human life.

Names of some latest technology updates:

1. Flying car:

Flying car is the most amazing and attracting latest technology updates of science. Flying car has designed at an aero plane model. This project has made in Japan to decrease the traffic. So this car has small wheels and two wings just like an aero plane. It has only 4 seats as a car has. It has internal functions like a car. Everyone can drive it easily.

2. Huge pattern bus:

It is a huge bus which is also made to decrease traffic. This kind of bus fly on a track with a wire attached with track. Its inertial looks like a restaurant. It is an auto moving bus. So you can walk in the bus. You can order drink and can take lunch on the table in this bus. This also has 4 wings to fly on the track. So this is most amazing latest technology updates in the world.

3. Smart watch:

Smart watch is one of the best latest technology. You can put it on your wrist just like a watch. You can call to anyone and can receive calls with this watch. It is a micro phone. So you can play songs, see videos even can call with it as well. It has many different apps in it. You can use face book, as well as whatsapp on it.It also tells you what the time is now.

4. Drone camera:

Drone camera has designed to put a view and to protect some specific sites too. It also has made on the design of a plane. It can save videos, as well as images etc. A person can control it with a remote. It is attached with a tablet or a laptop. It uses to take control on the sensitive sites. So film makers use it to take a shot from high place. Now it is using in media to collect news in the crowd. It also uses to detect from enemies. That’s why now it is increasing in use in the world.

5. Snap(small hd camers):

Snap is a small hd camera. It is so tiny that you can attach it with your dress. It can take clear photos and can make hd videos as well then other small cameras. It has 180 flip lens, 4k wifi and 1080p cloud range as well. So you can attach it with your cap or on the wall easily to take photo. This is easy to carry in your pockets. So people carry it in their pockets and in wallets.

6. Swift point GT(gesture technology):

Swift point GT is a gesture technology. It works just like a mouse but it is better then mouse. It is well for Windows 7 and Windows 8.It attaches with a Bluetooth device. It works softly on any kind of place. So this is the most amazing device for computers. It is tiny in size so people carry it with them easily.

7. Moov now:

Moov now is just like a wrist watch but it is not a watch. So you can put it on your wrist and ankle. It is attached with a LED. It counts your steps and pulse while walking and swimming. It also tells you about your calories while you are cycling and jamming. It is a fitness trainer for your health.

8. Netamo (security camera):

Netamo is a small and cylinder shaped house security camera. It uses for the security of house. You can put it front of your house anywhere. It makes you alert about whole day activities. It is attached with your mobile phone. You can see everything of your house. It makes a clear result of videos.

9. Bee(a biometric machine):

Bee is a smallest biometric machine which uses for purchasing things. You have to put your thumb on it to use. It recognized your biometric thumb print as well. You can use it in large shopping malls for shopping purpose. So now it is not necessary to put your cash in your pockets. You only will have to keep BEE on your thumb. So it is also an amazing modern technology.

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